воскресенье, 25 сентября 2011 г.

Agile Eastern Europe 2011 – Feedback - Day 1

This was the crazy week. Started form Moscow with WhaleRider two days conference. Than come back to work for two days and participating the AgileEE conference. What can I say in general, the agileEE is the best conference I attended this year.  The organization was great! (Except some moment with volunteers and Wi-Fi connection on the main stage). First day I started with a cup of coffee, greeting colleges I know and listening the live classical music. During this I had an interesting conversation with Barry O'Relly (we met in Moscow two days ago). Barry told me about the brief info about his company and projects they are working on. 
Few minutes later all attendees moved to the main stage to be listening the opening words by Alexey Krivitskii and Natalia Trenina. Than the first keynote was taking a place by Dr. Alistair Cockburn (Agile Expert and co-author of Agile Manifesto). His talk was named as “Effective Software Development In The 21st Century: The New Face Of Software Engineering” where Alistair tried to describe our way in the Agile software development. Also he provided the theory how to deal with a lot of techniques and technologies on each level of personal competency. Three words were used for this: Shu-Ha-Ri . This sounds near like “Сухари” in Russian J I liked the origami picture with the Designing in Teams that shown what we need to archive for successful agile development. The main quote I got is “People don’t match formulas”.

How many people was on this talk you can see on this picture.

Alistair did not stop answering the questions after his talk sitting on the chair.

The second talk I seen was “Challenging requirements” by Gojko Adzic. The beginning of the talk was really great. Gojko build his talk based on the James Bond movies in the fabulous manner. He recommended to don’t afraid asking the questions to business people about requirements: “Why do you need this?”, “Who is going to use it?”. The main advice I got from the talk is “Do not start from User Stories. Start with high level example of how users will use the system” and “Great projects comes from great discussions”.

The example was shown in the Mind Maps view from the real project where customers wanted to develop facebook application.

Gojko is also the author of the book “Specification by Example”, two copies of which was presented for the audience.

After this talk the lunch break started that I spent with my colleagues in the Тюбетейка restaurant talking about two previous talks and choosing what is next I’m going to see.

A lot of books to buy was near the main stage. I bought one for my library.

Also I would to mention that there are a lot of presents have been prepared from the sponsors: cups, pens, apples, cakes, planning poker cards etc. But to get them you was needed to left your contacts. So all of you you should have a lot of calls next two weeks from recruitment departments :)

Francois Banchman started his talk about “Myth, Monsters and Legends” to obvious. But the information was interesting for me because he shared the examples from his career and well-structured info with some phrases like “Middle management is the monster” did this talk positive.

I missed the Lightning talks, guys said it was awesome. Hope to see the recording of those.  

The next speaker on the main stage was Andrea Provaglio. Who talked about “Overcoming Self-organization Blocks”. For my mind it was the psychological talk about roles and administrating the activities inside the company and team.  The main though I got there is “We need leaders not managers”.

Unfortunately I did not saw the first day closing keynote by Elisabeth Hendrickson due to very important call in the office, where I should run after the coffee-brake. I heard it was awesome and I’m waiting for the video (slides are available on the slideshare). Top quotes I saw in twitter for this talk: “Lawyers are more expensive than testers” and “I haven’t written a test plan in 5 years”. It definitely makes a lot of sense in the Agile environment. 

After dealing with the work I had a change to take a part of the banquet and made photos with speakers, organizers and colleagues. It was great chance to discuss all questions face-to-face and get a lot of new idea for the future. All the speakers are really cool and positive people. Thank you all for your time answering the questions and sharing the experience you have!

A lot of thanks for Viktoriya Musiyachenko for the great photos she did on camera.

Stay tuned to get the second day report.