пятница, 30 сентября 2011 г.

Agile Eastern Europe 2011 – Feedback - Day 2

Sorry for the long delay with writing the second day impressions. But I've finished it and ready to share the second day report of Agile Eastern Europe Conference that took a place in Kyiv (Ukraine).

Second day was a little hard to me to stand up Saturday morning but I won’t to miss the keynote and rushed to the main stage on time.

Jurgen Appelo, the author of the “Management 3.0 book”, started his keynote “How to Change the World”. This was amazing talk but a little abstract! Jurgen shared his life story. The 15 years of failures showed that changing the world is not so easy. He introduced the book, the information used to write it and shared some principles written there: “How to use Deming cycle in the Agile Development”, “Five i’s” , “16 Basic desires” that was shortened to the few main.

 Jurgen said that “Agile managers are friendly monsters” and “We can't control or figure out the system. But we can dance with it”.
Also I like the idea of Feedback door. When trainees are putting the stickers on the door by priority from 1 to 5. This is very important to gather the feedback during the seminar or after the seminar. 

The whole system looks that Jurgan showed look like

After the talk I bought the book “Management 3.0” and add it to my reading list. I will write the review as soon as finish reading it.

Next talk I saw was Danny (Danko) Kovatch with topic “Motivation 3.0 and Agile”.
The talk was looked like the default motivation talk about the air. Danko showed all known examples with carrot, candle problem, FedEx day and how Atlassian do this, but did not answer on the question how to do the same in the outsourcing based companies.   The main idea of the talk showed the photo below.

After the lunch break I was listening Lasse Koskela with the talk about Dynamic VersionControl Systems. I like Lasse’s example of difference trunk-like and personal-branches development models. But a little holy-war between these two models appeared during the talk that was nice an funny a little J

Alexey Krivitskiy was talking about “Offshore Outsourcing with Scrum. A body of knowledge onmanaging offshore teams”.  The talk was good enough and shown the whole types of development and good recommendations for starting the offshore outsourcing team.

NikitaFilippov and Askhat Urazbaev did a good talk about “Inside Iteration Zero:simple steps to make great products”. It was describing the Lean Startup and basic activities that needs to manage before start doing the project. Starting from the Canvas

With project example

Thru the Pragmatic Personas where the common customers face was created.

Then Feature Generation phrase and Story mapping are also taking the place after this.

After all of this started the technical meetings with Architectural discussions and User Interface prototyping.
Guys shared some technics for estimating and planning. The most remembered is to estimate stories in three detentions: Small, Medium, Large.

After small break the latest keynote by JB Rosenberg has been started. It was the best talk I seen in these two days. The topic is “The Extreme Decade: Progress, Pain, Paradox”. I’ll recommend this talk with tag "must see" for all engineers who are working in the agile-based projects.  JB talked a lot about XP practices with some self-management approaches like GTD and how he used this on practice. The main idea I got there is to do not forget about where Agile came from. Because the core of  all this stuff is eXtreme programming.

It was definitely the best talk I saw this year.

Pirat Video, slides and photos are currently available. And I’m still waiting for the official video recording that will be uploaded by the organizers next week hopefully.

Thanks for ScrumGuides for doing this conference. They did  great job to make this happen! Hope to attend Agile EE 2012 next year so much!